Florida Agencies, Administrators respond to Nursing Home Negligence


Last month, we posted several blogs about the growth of nursing home abuse in South Florida. After an investigative report by the Miami Herald, lawmakers and government agencies took notice of the problems in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities (ALFs) throughout Florida. In response to these findings, the state is cracking down on violators.

The Agency for Health Care Administration has taken several measures to put an end to violations by nursing homes and ALFs. Governor Rick Scott announced that the agency imposed $125,000 in sanctions to 46 nursing home abusers. It is also taking away thousands in tax dollars from a chain of Tampa ALFs.

As the Miami Herald reported, three chains of Mapleway Communities will no longer be able to bill for their services under Medicaid; a harsh penalty which is available to the state under Florida law. This will be a big blow to the ALF chain, since facilities such as these will have to resort to making residents pay out of pocket or through private insurance. The governor’s office also noted, according to the Herald, that its website FloridaHealthFinder.gov will provide more updated information on ALFs and nursing homes.

We hope that the actions by our state will serve as a wake-up call to offenders. As attorneys, we will continue to do our part to keep you informed of the developments in battling nursing home negligence and fight for the rights of victims of abuse.