Florida Highway Patrol on the Lookout for Aggressive Drivers

232051_semi-truck_1%20sxchu.jpgThe Florida Highway Patrol will be on the lookout for aggressive drivers this week. According to state law, an aggressive driver is someone who commits two violations such as following too closely, speeding, making unsafe lane changes, failing to yield, passing improperly, and running stop lights or signs at the same time. Additional State Troopers will be dispatched to major state roads such as Florida’s Turnpike and interstates 75, 95, and 595 this week to combat aggressive driving.

By stepping up enforcement, the Highway Patrol seeks to reduce or eliminate the number of collisions between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers. According to the law enforcement agency, 88 percent of such crashes result from driver choices and behavior. Meanwhile, only 12 percent are caused by road conditions and motor vehicle defects. In 2010, Florida law enforcement officers ticketed 23,180 aggressive drivers. That number was almost 20,000 more tickets than were issued in 2003.

The Florida Highway Patrol is also seeking to reduce accidents by using educational tools such as roadside billboards and radio spots. Drivers are also being warned to take safety precautions such as ensuring they stay out of a commercial truck’s blind spots. In 2010, approximately 10 percent of all traffic deaths in Florida resulted from crashes between semi-trucks and passenger cars.

Florida Trucking Association Road Team driver Frank Silio believes most drivers are not trying to be unsafe, but do not fully realize the amount of time it takes for an 18-wheeler to stop when traveling at interstate speeds. He stated at 50 miles per hour it can take more than 100 yards to stop due to the truck’s weight. Silio and 22 other Road Team drivers work with the Florida Highway Patrol to educate drivers about safe driving near 18-wheelers. He believes drivers ought to be more cognizant of a commercial truck’s large blind spots and allows individuals to sit in his cab during educational events in order to see the road from a truck driver’s perspective.

Folks in Florida spend a great deal of time in their automobiles each year. Unsafe or distracted drivers are a hazard to everyone on the road. Aggressive driving can lead to major injuries and death. An individual who is hurt in an automobile accident due to someone else’s negligence may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, disability, pain, suffering, lost earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life and other damages. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motor vehicle collision, a qualified car accident attorney can help you evaluate your case.

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