More Trouble for Costa Cruise Lines, May Affect Florida Cruise Industry

1121405_boats_at_kusadasi%20sxchu.jpgFor the second time in as many months, a Costa Cruise ship has lost power and left its passengers unexpectedly stranded. Earlier today, a fire broke out in the engine room onboard the Costa Allegra. The fire left the ship stranded in pirate infested waters operating on emergency power sources.

At least one thousand passengers and crew are awaiting rescue in the Indian Ocean about 200 miles from the Seychelles island nation. According to the cruise line, which is owned by Carnival Corporation, the fire has been extinguished and no injuries were reported. Italian Coast Guard Commander Cosimo Nicastro has stated everyone aboard the luxury cruise ship is safe and that the weather is not currently a concern.

The Seychelles Navy purportedly launched tug boats and rescue vessels to assist the Costa Allegra. Other nearby vessels, including a French fishing boat, also agreed to lend aid to the stranded cruise ship. Costa Cruises currently has crews inspecting the engine room for damage and is hopeful the ship may become operational again soon.

The Costa Allegra was en route to the Seychelles from Madagascar when the fire broke out. The month long cruise was scheduled to stop at several east African island nations before ending in Savona, Italy. Eight United States citizens are reportedly onboard the ship.

Last month, the Costa Concordia made headlines when it struck a rock formation off of the coast of Italy. The ship lost power, began taking on water, and capsized near the island of Giglio. At least 32 people were killed in the accident.

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