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south florida car accident lawyerPlaying the odds means taking a risk. If you open a box of standard playing cards and remove the jokers, there will be 52 cards. If your goal is to pull out the 4 of diamonds and you randomly pull out a card, your odds of picking that card are 1 in 52. There’s really nothing you can do to change those odds, they are what they are.

What are the odds you will be involved in a car accident, and can you do anything about those odds?

According to Forbes Magazine, statistics from the Insurance Institute predict the average driver will file a report about a collision every 17.9 years. Now, I know people who have had several accidents in one year! Are they incredibly unlucky? Probably not, the word might be careless.

Causes of Crashes

Some of the top causes for auto accidents are:

Faulty Equipment – This includes bald tires, worn brakes, inoperable wipers, broken tail and headlights.

Solution: Have your car inspected often. When you have your oil changed, ask the technician to check the car for safety issues. If he will will charge a little extra for a thorough check-up, please pay it. The peace-of-mind and your safety are worth it.

Weather Conditions – Rain, snow, wind.

Solution: Slow down! Excessive speed on wet surfaces is a leading cause of accidents.

Impaired drivers – drunk, distracted, over-tired drivers.

Solution: People need to understand that a single DUI conviction will have long-lasting effects, quite possibly the rest of their lives. A DUI can effect the ability to get a job and other positions where image is important. Call Uber.

What About Injuries and Death?

It’s incredible that many people are not wearing seat belts even after years of education about their importance. More than half (range: 53%-59%) of teens (13-19 years) and adults aged 20-44 years who died in crashes in 2014 were unrestrained at the time of the crash. So, if you want to reduce your odds of being hurt in a car crash, wear your seat belts.

South Florida accident rates are very high and getting higher:

County               2014          2015                Increase

Broward            34,833      38,409            10.27%
Miami-Dade     60,165      63,451              5.46%
Palm Beach      24,291       24,887             2.45%

So, if you feel the need to gamble, please visit one of our local casinos or racetracks. Don’t do it with your life and the lives of others. Drive south florida car accident attorneycarefully, slow down, never drink and drive. You’ll avoid accidents and live longer.

South Florida Car Crash Attorney

If you are in an accident, you’ll want to seek the advice of qualified, experienced accident attorneys. The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has been helping the victims of south Florida car crashes for over 20 years and we would be happy to help you. Please call us at 954-356-0006.