Want to Save Money on Car Insurance? Florida Car Accident Attorneys

Florida Car Accident AttorneysThe best way to save on car insurance in Florida might be to move!

The television commercials for one car insurance company say switch to them, and you’ll save money. That may or may not be true, but one recent study shows that auto insurance rates in Florida vary significantly based on where you live.

As you might guess, Miami-Dade County is the highest-priced county with an average annual cost of $2,457 which is 58% higher than the state average of $1546, which is ranked 6th highest nationally.

You can buy minimum insurance for less than these prices, but most people buy more coverage than that required by law.

The least expensive county in Florida for auto insurance is Alachua, where these five cities enjoy these low average rates:

Waldo — $1,169; 24 percent below average

Alachua — $1,171; 24 percent below average

Gainesville — $1,174; 24 percent below average

Earlton — $1,175; 24 percent below average

Newberry — $1,177; 24 percent below average

We recommend people purchase insurance that fits their needs and their budgets, but please understand that the minimum (PIP) insurance is very limited in what it will cover in case of an accident. For very serious accidents, you may be liable for very high damages if you are at fault.

Florida Car Accident Attorneys

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