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Personal Injury Settlement Amounts – How are They Determined?

Monetary Amounts for Pain and Suffering Vary According to Circumstances

If someone offered you $100 but you would have to endure an excruciating pain in your lower back for the rest of your life, would you accept it?

Of course not!

Personal Injury Settlements FloridaWhat about $1000? Still no. There is no amount that would be sufficient to accept a lifetime of agony so how does an insurance company or judge or jury decide how much to pay the victim of an accident for their pain and suffering? It’s a complex question and one that rarely has a satisfactory answer.

The process of determining what is reasonable and fair is one that Lazarus and Lazarus has engaged in thousands of times since 1992 and it’s one we don’t like to lose. We meet with clients who are often severely hurt by many types of accidents and we see firsthand what kind of damage is done. It’s very difficult to put a price on that pain and suffering, but it must be done to move forward to the process of healing.

People should understand that “pain and suffering” is a legal term that includes more than physical pain. There are emotional and mental injuries such as fear, insomnia, grief, and even the loss of enjoyment of life.

How Can You Maximize Your Settlement?

Getting the largest possible monetary settlement is where the skill and experience of your attorney are significant. Putting together all the facts and evidence into a convincing case requires diligence and a meticulous is the job of every personal injury attorney and it is our highest priority because it will most affect our client’s future.

The bottom line is that the amount of any settlement will be determined by the negotiations between the victim’s attorney and the insurance company and/or the decision of a judge or jury.

We will never make unrealistic predictions or promises because we believe every client deserves the truth. Please click here to read what our clients have to say about our service and results.

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Personal Injury Settlement Amounts – How are They Determined?