More Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and Tips to Avoid Them

We covered the first 5 of 10 common causes of motorcycle accidents, and we’ll continue in this post. One thing we have learned is that each attorney - fort lauderdale motorcycle accidentsmotorcyclist has their own style of riding, as well as their own philosophy on how to avoid accidents. We encourage every rider to take regular safety classes to stay fresh on different techniques, rules, regulations, and safety equipment.

6 – Your Riding Partner Does Something Stupid

How to Avoid: Riding alone is fun, but riding in groups is more fun for a lot of motorcyclists. Riding is groups can be very dangerous however if everyone isn’t on the same page. Before you go out on a ride discuss group riding etiquette and ride in a staggered formation. It’s best to ride only with experienced riders when you’re traveling in a group. Inexperienced riders should probably stay in the rear while they watch and learn.

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